WETLANDS WIN 1st PLACE! 1,732 votes!

IMG_0046MEDIA RELEASE – 31st July 2014


Following a month’s hard fought campaign alongside 3 other community organisations from various regions of WA, Margaret River Montessori School emerged victorious, winning first prize of $14,600 from SGIO’s Community Grant Fund for the rehabilitation of the school’s unique wetlands area.

Voting closed on Thursday 31st July at 3pm and the final results saw Margaret River Montessori School in first place with 1,732 votes. In second place following close behind was Volunteering WA, which received 1,388 votes. Third and fourth places went to Goolarri Media Enterprises in the Kimberley region and People Learn Productions, respectively. These are all worthy community organisations in their own right.

MRMS began their campaign on 1st July when pre-selected to be a contender of SGIO’s annual Community Grants funding competition.   The School had a slow start in the first half of July moving from last place to third place by week 3 of the campaign. All the teachers and families at the school worked incredibly hard to gain votes from their loved ones and friends. The Cape to Cape Catchments Group equally put in a huge effort with their network of people. Towards the end of week 3 of the campaign, the School saw the vote count grow from around 400 to 800.   “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw we were in second place and in with a real chance of getting 1,000 votes! It is a real tribute to the hard work of our school community – it really is such an inspiring place“, said Lisa Fenton, School Principal.

In the final week, the Principal rallied helpers and hit the Farmer’s Market shoppers for votes, at the same time speaking to local radio stations to appeal to the whole community to support the project, one which would benefit the whole community.

Once the whole community had gotten wind of our project, the vote count shot up and we suddenly reached first place – it was amazing!” said Lisa Fenton.

The School wishes to sincerely thank everyone who voted for the Wetland Project. “We are so grateful to the locals and our global friends out there who came out to help us when we asked them. It just shows you what an amazing community we have here and what the community is capable of when it wants something”, she said.

Lisa stated, “We can’t wait to share the joy of seeing the Wetlands flourish and bloom with all the community’s children and adults, exploring and learning from this precious little piece of land. We welcome visitors and any member of the community who would like to work with us in securing and maintaining the future of our Wetlands. There is much work to be done!”