Why Courtesy Still Matters

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Grace & Courtesy – Skills for Life

In our school, Practical Life skills such as Grace and Courtesy are considered just as important as all other learning areas. Grace and Courtesy lessons are first presented to the child at a young age. Children of this age naturally strive to adapt to their culture and our lessons assist in this process.  Once the teacher has shown the children how to practice a particular skill, they have many opportunities to practise these skills in a natural rather than contrived way.  With each class containing children of different ages, older children both show by example and teach explicitly the younger ones.  As with all Montessori teaching, this happens in a carefully prepared environment that fosters both collaboration between children and a sense of social responsibility.

Too often in our modern society these important life skills go by the wayside.  Here are some examples of the skills that are taught as lessons in our school.

Grace and Courtesy Lessons

• Blowing one’s nose                               • Serving a guest

• Covering one’s mouth                           • Giving comfort to a friend

• Passing by a tight space                        • Ordering food in a restaurant

• Getting to the aisle                                 • Passing a platter of food

• Walking around a conversation            • Choosing one item from a platter

• Greeting by name                                    • Using a napkin

• Introducing oneself                                 • Excusing oneself from the table

• Introducing two friends                          • Giving and receiving a gift

• Introducing an adult (using a title)        • Answering the telephone

• Opening a door for another                   • Retrieving the person called

• Knocking before entering                        • Leaving a message on an answering machine

• Offering help to a friend                          • Apologizing for calling the wrong number

• Offering a chair to a visitor


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