Nature Play and Junior Primary

Creative Nature Play (Small)Children with Nature Play (Small) Nature Play at School (Small) Nature Play Materials (Small)Junior Primary students at Margaret River Montessori School are enjoying regular nature play based sessions with parent, Rae Pethica. Each week students have an opportunity to discover and interact with nature through a different invitation to play…creating land art…having sensory fun with sand, water, mud and other natural ingredients…interacting with various mini worlds…weaving using natural materials…storytelling using self-made story stones and nature puppets… and creating potions and recipes to make a book designed for their mud kitchen. Minimal guidance is provided through short child led group discussions but for the larger part of sessions children engage with both the materials and each other without further instruction being necessary.   Learning through play using natural materials fosters imagination, curiosity and respect for both our environment and each other and the hands on nature of everything lends itself to increased concentration and skill development….and it’s fun!