MRMS Building Project 2020

This year the MRMS School Council is excited to be progressing with our long awaited buidling project. As of late December 2019 we now have planning approval from the AMR Shire and are progressing forward with investigating options for builders to take on the project. The new facilities will include a whole new Administration building housing a new reception area, offices, sick bay, staff room, meeting space and a multipurpose learning space; as well as an additional learning space being added onto the existing Junior Primary building. The project is designed to accomodate our expanded Administration staff as well as staff and learning spaces for students with specific educational support needs. The whole project will also see the addition of a few parking more spaces in the main car park and regenerated garden spaces as well as an expansion to our current oval and a new wild play space. We hope to give you more updates throughout the duration of the project.

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