MP Caves Excursion

March 6, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Mammoth Cave
Caves Rd
Western Australia
Olly Chanin

We are excited to announce that we have been able to arrange an excursion to visit Mammoth Cave as part of our HASS, Science and Cosmic Education Curriculum. Over the next few weeks we will be launching into Montessori’s Great Stories, which are offered to the children to ignite their imagination and springboard their learning across all the disciplines of study. These Five Great Stories include; The Formation of the Universe, The Coming of Life, The Coming of Man, The History of Alphabet and The Story of Numbers, and are accompanied by Key Lessons and an extraordinary array of timelines and materials.

The Excursion is designed to offer the children a meaningful and relevant Going Out experience, to extend their learning beyond the classrooms and enhance what we have been doing at school. It will help the children learn important social skills, independence as well as giving them plenty of learning opportunities. We been lucky to secure a tour of Mammoth cave as well as a Mega fauna workshop for each child.

Please see the itinerary below for further details.

Group 1 Group 2
10am Leave School
10:30 Mega Fauna Workshop Session with teacher
11:30 Session with teacher Megafauna Workshop
12:30 Drive to Mammoth/Lunch
1:15 Mammoth tour  Extended Lunch
1pm Mammoth Tour
2:30 Finish/Depart Finish/Depart
3pm Arrive back at school


The cost of the whole day is just $10 per student. This has been heavily discounted for us as a local school and includes all transport costs. We have also subsidised $5 per child through our MP excursion budget.

Please complete the attached permission slip and the health form and return with $10 by Friday 23rd February.

On the day, please ensure you child is wearing school uniform, enclosed shoes, a hat, has a day pack, a packed lunch, water bottle and has sun cream applied.