School Council

It is the job of the School Council to govern the school. The School Council formulates non-educational policies as well as reviews and approves all school policies, administers the schools finances and sets budgets, oversees the appointment and performance management of the Principal, meets and manages legal requirements, and formulates long term and strategic plans for the school. It is then the role of the Principal to execute and implement these policies and plans, managing the day to day aspects of the running of the school. The Council DECIDES and the Principal DOES; the Council FORMULATES and the Principal IMPLEMENTS.

Chairperson – Frank Pethica

Vice Chair – Verelle Rooke

Secretary – Linda Henry

Treasurer – Clare Tansley

General Member – Kirsty Craigie

P&F Rep – Jo Teasdale (non voting)

Principal – Lisa Fenton (non voting)

MRMS Constitution 2014 13 June