Montessori Quality Assurance Programme

The Montessori Quality Assurance Programme (MQAP) has been developed to partner with and support all schools and early childhood centres providing Montessori environments. It will assist schools and centres to engage in a process of review, improvement and maintenance to ensure the highest level of Montessori experiences for children and young persons. The MQAP not only includes an emphasis on continuous improvement but also a registration component. Schools and centres that have been assessed to meet the majority of MQAP quality standards will be designated as Montessori Registered™ schools and centres.

Margaret River Montessori School was awarded official recognition as Montessori Registered™ in 2015 and proudly continues under this registration today.

Montessori Australia Foundation
Supporting Montessori Education in Australia

The Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF) offers an extensive range of services to support Montessori in Australia. These include services for Montessori schools, Montessori professionals and parents. Schools can access services through an annual service fee. Individuals can access many of the services through an individual subscription.

Montessori education is growing steadily in Australia. There are currently around 210 schools and centres nationwide. The majority of Montessori schools are run by community-based, non-profit associations. There are a growing number of privately owned centres as well as programmes within public school settings. Montessori Indigenous learning programmes are also emerging, and Indigenous communities appreciate the fact that their own culture is respected within Montessori classrooms.

MAF 2016 Annual Report