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Montessori Vegetable Gardening

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As a school we are currently very involved in teaching our children about healthy living and sustaining the environment through gardening and cooking with them as well as managing the natural wetland on our school property. Environmental sustainability is a very important focus in the education we provide.  For many years our school has partnered with the local Cape to Cape Catchments Group to engage student learning in the care of our wetland and to ensure a clean habitat for frogs, macroinvertebrates and other organisms which make their habitat in the wetland.  Students participate in water sampling, revegetation planting, recognising and treating dieback, wildlife habitat montitoring and indigenous studies relevant to the local area.  The ‘Be a Bush Scientist’ Program has been extremely popular with our Middle Primary students helping them to explore and learn about the features and values of our local environment.

A parent-driven initiative has created a new Land Management Committee (LMC), formed in March 2015.  The LMC aims to empower students through education and practical experiences to become environmental stewards as well as to create and sustain cultural connection to the land. The LMC also aims to manage the school gardens, natural environment and wetlands in a sustainable manner.

Below is a copy of the Environmental Management Plan for Margaret River Montessori School by Cape to Cape Catchments Group:

Montessori Management Plan 2015 final

We welcome any inquires with regards to our Land Management.