Our Staff

Lisa Fenton Montessori Principal
Lisa Fenton

I am delighted to introduce myself as the Principal of Margaret River Montessori School. My husband and I and our 2 children love living in Margaret River and being a part of this brilliant community. Throughout my teaching career I have taught students ranging from Kindergarten through to Year 12 (TEE), from Methodist Ladies’ College (Claremont, Perth WA) to the remote Western Desert (Pilbara, northern WA).

Prior to beginning at MRMS I worked as an Education Consultant for the Association of Independent Schools of WA (AISWA) providing support to principals, teachers and education assistants working in the Aboriginal Independent Community Schools all over WA as well as developing and managing a portal (website) for use by the teachers and EAs in the remote schools. Outside of school I love gardening, reading and hanging out at the beach with our kids.

Debra Angell
Deb Angell

I have been lucky to have worked in the education sector in Margaret River for the past 10 years as an Education Assistant and Administration Officer.   I truly enjoy being a part of the Margaret River Montessori school community working alongside children, parents and staff. The community is always supportive and full of activity. It is a pleasure to come to work each day.

Emma Beumer Montessori Teacher

Emma BeumerUpper Primary Teacher (Casa Della Luna)

Hi my name is Emma Beumer. I have started this year as the Upper Primary teacher here in Margaret River Montessori School. I am originally from The Netherlands, but have lived in Australia for over 6 years. Moving to Margaret River was like moving to a part of the world which I can pretty much call paradise. So much amazing nature, stunning beaches and great waves.  Most of all, though, I am happy to have a new ‘home’ at this beautiful Montessori School.  It was a dream come true. I am a very passionate Montessori trained teacher. I love working with children, especially helping them to achieve the best they can. I am so glad to be part of such an inspiring school community. Outside school I love to go for a run or a surf. Once my work for the day has been done, that’s what you will find me doing.

Jacob Horsey

Jacob HorseyUpper Primary Teacher (Casa Del Sole)

I developed an interest in Montessori education over ten years ago and gradually over the years have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Montessori philosophy. When I had my own children and became a primary teacher,  I became deeply interested in Montessori’s work and realised how profoundly insightful she was, as well as relevant to modern education. For me, Montessori education has subtly been interwoven into the fabric of my life and that old Italian physician who was responsible for turning the education world upside down during humanity’s darkest hours keeps returning and knocking at my door bidding me to listen and follow the child.

Oliver Chanin (Small)

Oliver ChaninMiddle Primary Teacher (Casa Del Mare)

Having recently emigrated from the Southwest of England to the Southwest of Australia I feel very privileged to have set up my family home in Margaret River, which such a stunning place, with an incredibly kind and welcoming community. To now be part of the MRMS community as well is a true honour. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (2:1 with Hons) in 2007, I became a rugby coach, this coaching gave me a glimpse of how rewarding teaching could be. It was at this point that I went back to university to complete a Post certificate of Education (PGCE) in 2010. Now 7 years into my teaching career, I have gained a huge amount of experience, teaching children of varying abilities and age ranges in many different educational settings. After years of encouraging children to follow their own dreams, I felt it was about time that I ‘took my own advice’ and so followed my dream of living in Australia. My wife, Abi, was equally as excited at the prospect of a new life ‘Down Under’ and so as a family of 4 (soon to be five) we left the beautiful rolling, green hills of Devon behind for the sun, sea and beaches of Margaret River. The more experience that I gain and the more I read about the Montessori approach the clearer it is to me that the Montessori philosophy is the best approach to suit the education of the whole child.  For me to be able to prepare and educate a child not just for school, but for life is an incredibly powerful notion.

Kate Ramsay Montessori Teacher
Kate Ramsay

I have been living and working within the Margaret River community since 2001.  I feel privileged to have spent many years working alongside the littlest members of our community in Early Childhood, and more recently making the exciting move to being a part of the Montessori community as a teacher.

I completed a Bachelor of Education (Primary) in New Zealand, and in 2013 completed an International Montessori Teaching Diploma for 6-9 year olds through the North American Montessori Centre.


Lee-Anne French Montessori Teacher

Lee-Anne French – Middle Primary Teacher (Casa Della Stella) / Primary Montessori Curriculum Co-ordinator 

I first taught at our school in Middle Primary from 1999- 2003. From 2004 til 2012, I taught LOTE (Indonesian) at Geographe Primary School. I returned in 2013, because I missed Montessori and I realised it is where I can have the most positive influence in my student’s education. My daughter is a current student, and we feel blessed to share this part of her learning journey together. She will be transitioning to Upper Primary soon.

In 2014, I was offered the added role of Primary Montessori Curriculum Co-ordinator and I am thoroughly enjoying working in a new and dynamic team. I love Montessori and really do believe it is as an undated and relevant pedagogy as it was over 100 years ago.

I have a Bachelor of Education in Primary Education (1991) as well as a Graduate Diploma in Education Studies – Languages Other Than English (2008). However I consider my most privileged tutelage has been in my Montessori studies as offered to me by AMI trained and well regarded Montessorian, Rhonda Sheehan, Principal of Beehive Montessori School.

When not at school, I will be spending time with my daughter, friends and family. I like to garden, play records, paint and take photographs. I also like to skate and dance. Life is good!

Jan Johnson Teacher
Jan Johnson
Junior Primary Teacher (Casa Del Fiori)

Whilst completing my Early Childhood studies at Claremont Teacher’s College in the early 80’s, I was introduced to the Montessori Method of teaching through family friends who had chosen this path of education for their own children. In my last semester of studies I requested to complete my practicum at Beehive Montessori School which is where I began my Montessori career as a Teacher’s Assistant after completing college. My eyes were then opened to the potential of individual learning and not long after I travelled to Sydney and began my Association Montessori Internationale training. On completion I returned to Beehive and continued teaching for several years until the opportunity to start the Margaret River Montessori School arose. I then joined the dedicated band of parents and started the journey that continues today. I have enjoyed being a part of the school both as a teacher and a parent and have grown in many ways from this experience. I have developed a greater interest in both the Arts and the Outdoors whilst living in Margaret River and continue to enjoy the beauty of our region through walking, cycling and exploring with my family.

Raylene Field Montessori Teacher

Raylene Field Junior Primary Teacher (Casa del Cielo) and Upper Primary Sport Teacher

I have been a teacher and parent at Margaret River Montessori since Semester 2, 2009. After completing my Bachelor of Arts in Education (Physical Education and Science) and Bachelor of Education I then taught in WA and NSW.

Upon returning to WA in 2007 I became interested in Montessori Philosophy and completed my Montessori teaching studies, 3-6 years.  I enjoy teaching children in Junior Primary at our school. The excitement on a child’s face when they master a job and have success with their work is joyful. MRMS is a lovely environment for the children to learn and follow Montessori principles.

I enjoy pursuing a healthy lifestyle and love living with my family in Margaret River. We feel very fortunate to be involved with such a special school community

Sue Gaunt Montessori Teacher
Sue Gaunt
Junior  Primary Teacher (Casa del Cielo)

My interest in Montessori began during 1991 when my eldest son was 3 years old. Being a state teacher who had taught for 9 years at that time, I felt the need to explore other options for my children. Knowing each child is different I felt there must be more: an education that would cater for their individuality, their need to move and to explore. Following visits to various schools and much research I became totally captivated by Montessori when I visited Beehive Montessori School and met Rhonda Sheehan. So the journey began.

As one of the founding members of Margaret River Montessori School I completed 18 months training with MWEI and eventually completed a Montessori Diploma 3-6 years with AMS.

I have been with the School as a parent, council member, parents and friend’s committee member, principal and teacher. My three children attended Margaret River Montessori School and I saw Montessori ignite the flame and joy for life learning in a natural way.  Montessori became my passion: a wonderful way to learn and to live.

Karen Haslau Montessori Teacher

Karen Haslau LOTE (Japanese), Literacy & Numeracy Support 

I have been working at Margaret River Montessori School for 14 years and over that time have formed strong relationships with the staff, families and children who have gone through the school.  I am passionate about languages and language teaching, and love seeing the far reaching benefits of learning a second language being realised in the students. 

 Rona Mirtle Montessori Teacher

Rona MirtleArt Teacher

I have been a teacher for seven years and have had the pleasure of spending all of this time at MRMS. I love working here as I truly believe in the Montessori way and a holistic approach to children’s learning. Other things I’m passionate about are travelling, especially with my family, hanging out on my bush block with my dogs and being inspired by my environment which informs my creativity and art






Tony LaneMusic Teacher

I love music!  As a professional musician for over 20 years, I started teaching private music lessons in 2001.  Teaching slowly became a larger part of my life, and I completed my formal teachers training in 2009.

I feel very lucky to have the position of music teacher at Montessori, and my main focus is to pass on my love of music to the children.  This happens through listening and dancing and singing and loads of hands-on activities, making real music as individuals and groups.  The school is really supportive of the music course and I have the privilege of using a great space with plenty music instruments and other resources close at hand.

When I’m not teaching, I still play lots of music myself and can be seen performing regularly around Margaret River.





Silvia Dimopoulos – Junior and Middle Primary Sports Teacher

I have the belief that the heart, body and mind are all interconnected. Therefore children learn best in a calm, beautiful and positive environment.

This is why my children have been at Montessori from the age of 3 and why after completing my Bachelor of Secondary Education (majoring in Physical Education) in Germany, Graduate Diploma of Primary Education in Australia, I felt the need to complete a Montessori Diploma for 6-9 year old children.

I feel blessed to call Margaret River home and to teach Sport at such a wonderful school.


Sandi Macdonald

Sandi MacdonaldEducation Assistant

I love working with the Upper Primary students as their Education Assistant. I love working with this age group and enjoy the intellectual challenge of the older children. It has been wonderful each year to support the students and witness their growth towards graduation.


Corinna Iddon

Corinna IddonEducation Assistant

My name is Corinna Iddon and I have been working at the Margaret River Montessori School, in the JP1 classroom (3 to 6 year olds) since 1994 – yes, that is a very long time!

Why am I still here…having known nothing about Montessori when I first started, I have learned over the years to love the environment which a Montessori school creates for the child and the teaching staff and the unique experiences that the Margaret River community can offer to the school.  I also connect and admire with Maria Montessori’s philosophy and work.

Sue Peters
Sue Peters
Education Assistant

I have been part of the Margaret river Montessori school junior primary class for the past 7 years.  Working with the 3-6 year olds has been very rewarding for me, they have a wonderful energy and such a love of learning and are very open and honest.

I have lived in Margaret river for the past 12 years. I started as a swimming instructor then completed my certificate 3 in teacher assistant and certificate 4 in education support.


Cindy Heyes
Cindy Heyes
Education Assistant and Middle Primary Health Teacher

While searching for an alternative education system Montessori education appealed to me for many reasons. The main reason being the Montessori method responds to the physical, cognitive, social and emotional characteristics of the child in each phase of development. When the opportunity arose to study Montessori units as part of my Bachelor of Education, I took it. Upon completing my teaching degree I was employed by the Margaret River Montessori school (1996) as their first middle primary teacher. From here I decided to continue my study of Montessori education by completing an A.M.I. Diploma in Montessori education for the junior years (3-6 training).

Since then, I have worked in both traditional and Montessori schools as a teacher and educational assistant. My time teaching and assisting in traditional educational settings has been rewarding, but I have remained convinced of the superiority of the Montessori pedagogy, curriculum and materials.

I currently work alongside the middle primary teacher as an educational assistant while being a mum of two boys. In my spare time I enjoy running, bike riding, making raw food and spending time with my family. My hope for the children at Margaret River Montessori school is for them to love learning and have genuine concern and care for one-another and their environment.

Trish Murray

Trish MurrayEducation Assistant and 3 year old afternoon group facilitator

Originally from Ireland, I arrived in Australia and Margaret River in January 2013.  I hold a Diploma in Montessori Teaching (0-6yrs) which I obtained in Ireland where I also gained invaluable experience from Montessori pre schools. I am passionate about children and the Montessori method of education. My 3 sons attended Montessori pre schools in Ireland and we practice the Montessori philosophy in our daily lives.

I have held various roles in MRMS from relief teacher and sports teacher in Junior Primary to Education Assistant in both Junior Primary & Middle Primary.  My current role is as Education Assistant in Middle Primary and also as Teacher on a Wednesday afternoon for the 3 year olds.

Margaret River Montessori School is a great community and I am privileged to be part of it every day!  When I have spare time, I like to read, walk, play tennis or badminton.

Denise Fowler

Denise FowlerEducation Assistant and 0-3 Playgroup Facilitator

I have worked with children for nearly 20 years as a Qualified Child Care Worker and then as a Children’s Services Lecturer.  For the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of working here at MRMS as an Education Assistant in JP2.  Working alongside such inspiring teachers and fellow EA’s has enabled me to build upon my own skills and have a true appreciation of each of our children’s unique Montessori journey.

When I am not working, I love spending time with my family, quenching my thirst for knowledge with reading and studying and visiting the sights this beautiful region has to offer!

Gayna Luck

Gayna LuckEducation Assistant

In February 2010 I became a School Volunteer Mentor. This was a very rewarding role and fired me up to widen my knowledge and become more involved with the education of children.  In July 2011 I completed a full time course at Margaret River TAFE and passed Certificate III in Education Support.  In October 2011 I was fortunate enough to be offered 6 weeks as a relief EA at Montessori in JP3. This position subsequently became vacant, was advertised, I applied and the rest, as they say, is history.

I love the Montessori philosophy, it encourages and empowers children to develop respect for themselves, others and the environment and also builds a strong academic foundation for a lifetime of learning. The quote “help me to help myself” say’s it all.

Out of school: Enjoy reading, gardening, photography, films and theatre. Love all creatures, great and small and my family. Believe a smile goes a long way to brighten up someone’s day and there should be more of it!!






Hayley ValesiniEducation Assistant 

I have been lucky enough to call Margaret River my home for the last 16 years. Growing up and spending my childhood years in a beautiful town like this has made me feel extremely grateful and privileged.

I graduated Margaret River Senior High School in 2009, upon graduating I moved to Paris to become an au pair for two small children. Soon after moving there, I began working at The Malherbe International Montessori School, I immediately fell in love with the concept and knew it was my passion. After completing my time abroad I moved back to Western Australia and began my Children’s House Assistants course through AMI. Upon completion, I moved home to Margaret River and was lucky enough to be given a position at this school where I am so very happy with my growing role. Working alongside such inspiring children and colleagues has had an extremely positive impact on my life and I look forward to my future at this wonderful school.