Children with Nature Play (Small)
Nature Play at School (Small)
Nature Play Materials (Small)

Nature Play and Junior Primary

Junior Primary students at Margaret River Montessori School are enjoying regular nature play based sessions with parent, Rae Pethica. Each week students …

Montessori Cursive Writing

Why Cursive?

  Why Change to Cursive Handwriting? After many years of implementing a policy whereby handwriting print or script is taught in the …


Why Courtesy Still Matters

Grace & Courtesy – Skills for Life In our school, Practical Life skills such as Grace and Courtesy are considered just as …

6 Points of Differnce-01


Our school has an Overall Performance Rating of 95 points compared to 3 other local schools which have 87, 85 and 84 respectively. …


WETLANDS WIN 1st PLACE! 1,732 votes!

MEDIA RELEASE – 31st July 2014 WETLANDS WIN FIRST PRIZE! Following a month’s hard fought campaign alongside 3 other community organisations from …