Australia’s engagement in international trade, investment, immigration, tourism and education is ever evolving with many international organisations utilising French as both their working and official language.   This Global marketplace means all Schools in Australia look to broaden student perspective and understanding through their Language program.  The overreaching goal being to equip students with the needed skills to connect with others on a deeper level as well as improve their own communication.


Here at Margaret River Montessori, students develop an in-depth understanding of the French language, history, culture and geography. From 4 years of age students experience weekly, hourly lessons that focus on the spoken and written aspects of French and allow them to experience cultural traditions while gaining a broad understanding of another country. Students are provided with personalised learning that aims to fulfil their diverse capabilities, while stimulating learning experiences focus on collaborative communication outcomes.


In learning a new language students begin to question, compare and understand their own language and culture in deeper ways. The process of absorbing a new language also heightens the memory capacity, increases cognitive function and widens the perspective of our students. Being able to relate to, and communicate across cultures will be a key advantage for children in the 21st Century to build a creative, prosperous and socially cohesive Australian community.


Alicia McIntosh
Language Specialist