Art in Montessori is not seen as a separate curriculum area in the child’s learning but rather as an integral part of the prepared environment fostering their individual growth and development.

The approach is one of providing the child with the skills of observation, fine motor control and the use and care of various high quality art materials- skills which will allow them to express themselves when inspired to do so.

The children are exposed to great works of art from different cultures and those that reflect different styles and periods in history.

Great artworks will often be found displayed beautifully as they would be in a home or gallery.

Children do not learn how to produce art works that all replicate that which is created by the adult (the adult’s creativity), but rather, given the tools and skills, use their own creative processes and imagination to produce an artwork to their liking – this is real creativity.

The prepared environment includes an art space for individuals to use when they feel inspired to do so or as part of some other area of study they may be immersed in such as botany or zoology.

In the primary years all curriculum areas are closely interrelated and the arts become a means of expression be it art, drama, music etc. The skills and processes for this artistic expression are provided by the teacher but the creativity comes from the children.

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